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Euroline Auto Service has made name by providing an excellent, customer-focused service. Euroline Auto Service was founded on constantly finding ways to improve car service and car repair for our customers. Euroline Auto Service offer a fast affordable Car Service and repairs for all makes and models - Specialised in AUDI, BMW, VW AND SKODA. We sincerely believe that we can make maintaining your vehicle easy, quick, convenient and cost-effective. Euroline Auto Service take pride in offering convenience and friendly, personal service. We have real expertise in servicing and repairing all kinds of vehicles. We also make a point of pricing our services competitively with anything you’d experience at a standard workshop. 10,000 km / 6 Month Warranty on parts and labour. We employ high qualified technicians so you can rest assured we’re doing a quality job.

We provide written estimates before we start work on your car - making sure you stay in control of your costs. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to carry out any maintenance, diagnosis and service required. You can see the work we’re doing on your car as we do it. We work 6 days a week and we strive to be working on your vehicle within one business day of your call. Euroline Auto Service can do all the standard servicing, non-urgent repairs and diagnostics you’d expect from a standard workshop. We’re not expensive - our prices are competitive with those of a standard workshop. Once you factor in the convenience, time saved, and our 10,000 km / 6 month warranty, you may find that we end up saving you money! Euroline Auto Service uses affordable, high quality, reliable parts in your car repairs.

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why choose us

Professional Advice

We are pleased to provide you with professional advice covering all aspects of your vehicle.

Estimate Cost

We explain the extent of the repair and advise you of the estimated cost beforehand. we beleive in cost effective solution that helps you save money

Repair and Maintenance

Your vehicles’ repair and maintenance work will be carried out according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Trained Technician

Your vehicle will be serviced by a trained technician.

Your Safety

Safety and reliability is a key focus within our business. From the moment you drive your car out of our shop, we are technically responsible for how it runs.

Towing Service

Our car repair shop has teamed up with a local towing company .

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Car Care Tips

A quick check of the radiator coolant is as easy as looking at the level in the plastic overflow bottle of most cars. The coolant level should be in between the high and low markings. Once the engine has cooled, you can remove the radiator cap and check the level in the radiator, too

Remove the dipstick and check the oil level. It should be in between the low and high markings. If the oil level is low, top up your oil but first check the owner’s manual for the correct oil grade. Don’t start the engine if there isn’t any oil on the dipstick! An engine with no oil can seize and be extremely expensive to fix

The correct tyre pressure for your car is located on the tyre placard, which is usually found inside one of the front doors. If you can’t find it, check the owner’s manual. It’s good to carry a basic pneumatic/ mechanical tyre pressure gauge in your car because service station gauges may not be accurate

If the battery’s level is low, top it up with distilled water (rather than tap water) but don’t overfill it. Replace the caps and check that the clamps are tight on the battery terminals. The top of the battery should be clean and dry and the terminals should be free of corrosion, which can be in the form of a white or bluish substance.

Fill your washer bottle with clean water and the right amount of windscreen-washer additive. Don't use household detergents as they can damage your paintwork and wiper blades.

If your wiper blades are not cleaning your windscreen properly, or are split or perished, they need to be replaced

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